ACR professionally cleans your mattress

Have you ever thought of what is lurking in your mattress? According to the National Sleep Foundation we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, that is alot of time spent with your mattress!

Many times we overlook the stains and discoloration of our mattress because it is covered with sheets and comorters and only visible for a short time while changing sheets. However, stains aren’t the only  problem to be concerned about. Every night, the average person produces about a half of a liter of sweat, I’m thinking here in the Arizona desert we sweat even more than that! This, along with the thousands of skin cells that are shed, provide the ultimate breeding environment for microscopic dust mites and bacteria.

Many allergies, headaches, and respiratory problems can be traced back to your mattress. Dust mites produce feces that are common allergen to humans when inhaled. It’s not uncommon that a bed can harbor more than a million dust mites, this amount can be enough to increase the weight of the bed by almost double. Yuck.

Having your mattresses deep cleaned can eliminate dust mites and the problems they cause. Technicians are able to eliminate more than 95% of the waste materials left behind. Next time you schedule your professional carpet cleanings, be sure to include having your mattresses done.

This holiday season enjoy the company of your family and friends, not dealing with allergies cause by your mattress.